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Booking service time
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  • Address Latvia: street Valmieras 5 Riga,
    LV-1005 Latvija
  • Phone: +371-8-000-33-22
  • Address Estonia: Tähetorni 21,
    Tallinn, HARJUMAA 11625
  • Phone: +372 56-90-59-56

Car Climate maintenance, repair, antibacterial treatment, training

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Booking service time
Contacts of Estonia Airco: 53340332

Vehicle A/C system diagnosis includes

  • Pressure check
  • Pressure data analysis
  • Salon incoming air temperature test
  • Air stream effectivity test
  • Evaporator and fan effectivity test
  • Smell detecion
  • System components check
  • Compressor effectivity test
  • A/C system effectivity test
  • A/C system hermetic test
  • Troubleshooting by EOBD
  • Salon filter check (additional)

Time for passenger vehicle A/C diagnosis: aprrox. 20 min to 1,5 hours.  

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Working hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00. On weekends and holidays we are closed.