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Booking service time
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Car air conditioner refilling and repair. Warranty
Call now: +371 8000 33 22

Price of Airco Services
for vehicles with a maximum mass not exceeding 3,5 tonnes

Diagnosis R134a gas

from €35

  • + air conditioner recharge €55
  • with one cooling circuit
  • warranty 3 months
  • -50% antibacterial

Diagnosis R1234yf gas


  • + air conditioner recharge €125 (price down from €220)
  • new type of gas
  • with one cooling circuit
  • warranty 3 months
  • + discounts on maintenance
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Autokliima ™  AC diagnostic.
Standard for air conditioner diagnostics.

Air flow test
Gas level test
Test for F5(95%N2 + 5%H2) or N2
Vacuum diagnostics
Adding oil and UV additive
Filling up the conditioner with 134a or R1234yf gas
Reading system parameters via EOBD
Analyzing of pressure readings
Diagnostic of Compressor
Conditioning efficiency
System performance checking
Temperature test for ventilation system.

During the warranty period:
When repairing at our service:
air conditioner diagnostics free of charge,
air conditioner refill free of charge.

Car Airco diagnostic time from 20 min -1.5 h average

Warranty time

Free air conditioner refill and air conditioner diagnostics within 3 months.