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Cabin air filter replacement

Car air conditioner refilling and repair. Warranty

What causes allergies and unpleasant smell?

Long time used cabin air filter looses out its properties. Contaminated air filter could cause salon ventilator and other electrical devices (which regulates conditioner and salon warmth) failures . Therefore car manufacturers gives advice to change air filters after every 15 000 km or once a year.

air filterair filter

There are two types of air filters:

  • Microfiber filter catches dust and impurities.
  • Active coal air filter catches additional to dust and other impurities also contaminated gases (hydrocarbons included).

Salon ventilator can create 300 cubic meters of air flow in one hour. How much air will be filtered in one year or while driving 15 000 km? How much filth the filter gathers? Contaminated filter could cause unpleasant smell or windows to fog. Contaminated filter symptom is fine dust in windshield, also. Heavily contaminated filter could cause ventilation system overheating.

Check your air filter!

Cabin air filter replacement

7-30 €average

  • depending on the time spent